About FolkNepal

Folk Nepal was established in 2000 A.D. as a non-profit sharing NGO. The main purpose of its establishment was to support skill building of needy craft artisans and to assist them in establishing sustainable marketing for their products in the International Market.
Folk Nepal has been involved in charity work in rural areas of Nepal for many years. For the past five years, Folk Nepal has provided financial support for education for needy family children with 131 students now getting scholarship support continuously.
Folk Nepal has organized five medical camps in rural areas till date, providing much needed medical and  dental care to some of the neediest populations in Nepal. We also provide financial assistance to persons with serious medical conditions, providing them and their families with financial support to undergo necessary treatment for recovery. Through our medical treatment support project we have provided small monetary donations to persons suffering from life-threatening illnesses or diseases, who could not afford the treatment necessary to keep them alive. Thanks in part to our donations, the recipients of our donations have received the necessary treatments and they are now enjoying their health and life with their families.
Folk Nepal also reached out to provided support to victims of natural calamities, has helped to build schools for the infrastructure, and has provided educational material to various schools.
We are one of the members of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Social Welfare Organization and Handicraft Association of Nepal. It is also our pleasure to announce that we have just received the membership from WFTO , Asia.
We are also fully dedicated to uplift backward societies, communities and to eradicate the social problems. We have been working in education, health, and skill development sectors throughout Nepal and providing financial support to individuals who are victims of various disasters.
The mission of Folk Nepal is to help deprived people and support craft producers with a strong focus on the education sector.

Our major milestones to date include:

  • Providing scholarships to 100 children every year, up to grade 10
  • Providing assistance to build school libraries
  • Providing study and sports materials, school dresses, etc
  • Conducting medical mobile camps
  • Helping needy people for their health treatments
  • Supporting school building through funding
  • Distributing relief funds to landslide victimized people
  • And so many more. ..

Our vision is to make self-sufficient, healthier, educated and more prosperous individuals and group of people, especially belonging to the communities of underprivileged, marginalized and oppressed in the society to uplift their status.

Our main mission is to help the people of underprivileged communities in rural areas by providing the necessary arrangements on their respective fields of education, health, occupational opportunities and empower them for their self sufficiency in the society. Our further mission will be centered on the medical campaigns to provide health services and on the trade fairs to increase the participation of farmers and on other local producers to enhance their marketing linkages to promote their products. Our effort in the days to come will be oriented to increase activities on the craftsmanship of Nepalese local entrepreneurs to make them self-sufficient. We will be geared up providing scholarship schemes to the deserving students from poor families in the remote areas for their better education.

To assist handicraft producers by promoting and selling their products World Wide. To provide medical support to the underprivileged, the homeless and the needy people in remote areas of the country. To take on an active role in supporting education and capacity building activities in village and urban areas to the overall economic development of the country. To work with the farmers in their respective fields of education, entrepreneurship, marketing linkages and ultimate capacity building in the concept of co-operative. To preserve local resources to generate the employment opportunities that can strengthen the self sufficiency of human resources in local areas of the country.